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never not reblog Scarlett calling idiots out on their bullshit


and the shitty part is that once scarlett called them out on their fucking bullshit, she automatically became coined a bitch. a bitch. for being brave enough to publicly tell them what was so annoying about a still continuing problem for women in media

"You work hard making independent films for fourteen years and you get voted best breasts.” - scarlett johansson

god i feel horrible for her. i feel horrible for every single woman in this world. and it was to the point where she decided to get breast reduction surgery for her to be taken more seriously as an actress. what the hell is wrong with everybody

and i never, ever understood the hate towards anne hathaway. new york times magazine stated “Anne Hathaway practically demands that we love her.” fucking wrong. anne never gave a shit about looking stuck up when she was out there on stage, preaching for gay rights and how wrong it is for men to constantly sexualize and put down women in the media in every single interview where a man asked the bullshit question “what diet plan did you use for your role in les mis, i bet every single girl wants to know”. she knew a backlash would come from for being so strong and forceful with her retortive statements, but they saved the people that mattered.

and another point. kristen stewart. why in the hell do people hate kristen stewart as a person. women today are expected to act pretty. nice. be respectful 24/7, never argue back, smile pretty, be a lady. don’t make rash, argumentative statements, because if you do, you are not a lady. this is a message our society tries to suffocate women with. kristen stewart will not smile for you, or act like a fuckin lady for you, because that is not her character

yet people hate her because she decides to be herself. “god kristen, you gotta smile some more, talk more ladylike”

what in the fuck for? absolutely nobody knows kristen stewart’s personality. she’s a private person. but just because she refuses to lie through her teeth to seem like a respectable, golden lady of hollywood, she’s considered a bitch. “do this or that because if you don’t you aint a lady” god fuckin damn all of you

its really early in the morning and i cant think straight so if my rant seems messy im sorry 

PS… douche in the first gif is the same interviewer who pulled the same stunt on Anne Hathaway during her TDKR press tour.

None for you, Jerry Penacoli, none for you.

The best thing about both of these moments is that in both cases (even though it’s hard to tell with how this particular gifset is cropped), Renner and Downey are both obviously reacting negatively to the comment but just sit back and let Scarlett rip into the douchebags. Cause they know she’s got the situation fucking covered.

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I really love how Stjepan Sejic draws Wonder Woman

(more here)

This will forever be my headcanon for Diana: built like a brick shithouse and still heart-stoppingly gorgeous.

I -love- this art for her so very, very much. Stunning and a huge badass. This is Amazons. :3

I’m pretty sure I’ve reblogged this several times before but seriously I get so bitter now whenever I see Diana and she doesn’t look like this. Like, really really bitter. So bitter.

This is what Wonder Woman should look like! Not some twig who thinks because she’s worked out a little bit that she’s qualified to play an Amazonian princess. I’m pretty sure that people have forgotten what Amazons were supposed to look like…

Let’s be serious here guys: I fell in love with this gif the second I saw it — The Temptations have always held a place close to my heart because my Dad loved them too. But this especially… He used to be on all the parent committees for my schools because with his injury he couldn’t do any of the more physically strenuous stuff.

At his funeral, one of his friends, Danielle, shared that after ever meeting he’d drive off listening to ‘My Girl’ because he was going home to my mother and I. It’s been about 11 years, but sometimes the most random thing will set me to thinking and smiling and crying, gif included.

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all-new captain america by stuart immonen

The only thing that’s stopping me from howling with joy over this is that Remender is still in charge of the writing, and I don’t trust him not to be a racist, sexist rape-apologist with the whole thing.

Let’s just be optimistic that fuck yeah Sam Wilson(!!!) is going to be Captain America until we see what happens.

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